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Pastor Darrell Schaeffer

Unique is one word that would describe Pastor Darrell Schaeffer!  Even as a young boy he would find great joy in making people laugh.  As he made his way through his awkward High School years he made friends from all diversified groups typically associated with High School. 

In 1986 he graduated from Bethel Tate High School proudly as "Class Comedian".  Trying to find his place in this world he met the girl of his dreams in Terra Painter, who quickly said she would not date him unless he went to church.  He heard the gospel and immediately fell in love with Christ!

Darrell soon became a volunteer Youth Pastor at King's Way Fellowship and volunteered for 9 years before he became a full time Youth Pastor for an additional 9 years.  He has a Bachelor degree in Ministry with WLI (Wagner Leadership Institute) and holds credentials with EFI (Evangel Fellowship International).  

He has been called to begin a new work in Milford, Ohio where One Way Church existed for 4 years.  The Lord opened a door in Batavia, Ohio and is the church's current location.



Pastor Terra Schaeffer

Terra and her husband Darrell, pastor One Way Church.  Terra has her Bachelor's Degree in Ministry.  

They have two incredible daughters, Tori and Shelby, and an amazing grandson, Tyson.  

Her love for Jesus is shown in her everyday life.  One way she enjoys ministering the most is through missions.  

She is the Missions Pastor and also supports an orphanage in Haiti.  She enjoys spending time with her family and spoiling her grandson.

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Children's Pastors Nick & Jessica Edwards

Nick and Jessica have been married for three wonderful years and parents to Calissta (16), Haleigh (13), and Brayden (11). Nick is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelors in Integrative Studies and a third of the way through a Master’s in Divinity at Cincinnati Bible Seminary. Nick is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He is currently working on his Bachelors in Biblical Studies through Christian Learning Institute at One Way Church. Jessica has been a member of One Way Church for nearly 7 years and Nick for 4 years. During this time, they have served in multiple areas of the church; whether taking a meal to someone, greeting at the door, praying at the altar, hosting a bible study or leading children’s class. For the last year, they have been the Outreach Leaders, helping to develop a community presence and share the gospel and love of Jesus.

They hope to continue providing a safe, loving and engaging environment for children to learn about God and grow spiritually, through worship, bible-based curriculum, and activities.

They hope to equip and assist you in training up your child(ren) to know and love God; through discipleship, family involvement, and outreach.

Nick and Jessica are excited to get to know each and every one more personally and bring more family-centered activities to the church!



Worship Pastor Nikea Dills

Nikea Dills is a worship leader that seeks one thing at One Way; that the Lord be exalted in all that she says and does. She is not restricted to the systematic box that some place on worship leaders as merely good singers.

Her very life boasts in the adoration of the Lord Jesus Christ. When the spirit of worship that enraptures her is accompanied by her exceptional voice, all those listening find themselves obliged to focus hearts and minds on Heaven and together they bring their expression of worship to Him under the leadership of Nikea.